The Learning Center (TLC) is an off campus school located next to Buxton Center Elementary School at the old Frank Jewett School. The Learning Center focuses on developing the whole student both academically and as a person. Besides core educational courses, (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) students at TLC are involved in Service Education, Enrichment programs, team building and other relationship building activities.

Typically students who have had struggles in mainstream education have met with success at TLC. We have identified the following types of students who seem to thrive in our setting

  • Students who suffer from school anxiety and being lost in the large school setting
  • Students whose struggles are not caused by attendance or behavioral issues
  • Students who need strong adult/student relationships to help them succeed. 

In addition to an emphasis on building strong adult/student relationships TLC has 3 pillars which we build our student development around

  • “Try” - we ask our students to simply try and make themselves a better version of themselves. Whether it be academically or personal growth we know people who simply “Try” improve their life skills. 
  • “True” - we ask our students to understand the importance of honesty in their lives. Recognizing the importance of being true to themselves and others is a key ingredient to life success.
  • “Be Civil” - we ask our students to treat each other with respect and dignity. The act of being kind and civil to each other is critical in developing an optimal learning environment. 

Normally The Learning Center is reserved for students who have not had successful experiences at the High School, however, any student who we believe could benefit from our educational approach is welcomed to inquire about attending. 

If you would like to know more about our program, please send me an email at lholmes@bonnyeagle.org  I can also be reached on my work cell phone at 207-281-3375.

Lenny Holmes MSAD #6 Director of Innovative Learning Pathways  Alternative Education Association of Maine - Presiden The Learning Center - Director Direct Line - 207.727.9105 Cell Phone - 207-281-3375